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What is covered in building inspection Adelaide?
The inspection looks for major and minor defects in the building such as leaking roofs, structural issues, leaking or damp showers, poor external drainage and potential safety hazards.

Roof exterior
The roof cover being roof tiles, corrugated iron, valleys, flashings, penetrations, gutters, downpipes and skylights. We identify evidence of possible roof leaking and the extent of the possible repairs required.

Roof Void
The roof framing members and connections are checked for defects, the roof cover internally is checked for evidence of leaks, sisalation, insulation and electrical installations are assessed for potential safety hazards.

Building exterior
The building exterior is checked for cracks and other defects, windows and doors are assessed, verandahs, decks and other timber structures are checked for structural adequacy, wood decay.

Building interior
Bedrooms, hallways and living areas and checked for defects including the floors, walls and ceilings, windows, doors and built-in cupboards. Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundries are checked for a number of issues including checking tapware, evidence of water hammer and water leaks, hot water service, evidence of leaking shower recess, defects to sanitary fixture and fittings, toilets are flushed, moisture readings are taken on walls and floors.

External areas
Paths and steps, retaining walls, driveways and external surface drainage are inspected for defects and issues. Large trees can be potential problem to the building. Boundary fences are checked for condition and if requiring replacement.

What is covered in a pest inspection Adelaide?
A Timber Pest Inspection is recommended for most homes identifying conditions that are conducive to timber pest infestations.

Timber borers
Lyctus brunneus(powder post beetle) is not considered a significant pest of timber. Damage is confined to the sapwood so treatment or timber replacement is not usually required. However, you should have a building expert investigate if any timber replacement is required.Anobium punctatum (furniture beetle) and Calymmaderus incisus(Queensland pine beetle) must always be considered active, unless proof of treatment is provided, because, unless the timber is ground up, one cannot determine conclusively if activity has ceased. Total timber replacement of all susceptible timbers is recommended. A secondary choice is treatment. However, the evidence and damage will remain and the treatment may need to be carried out each year for up to three years.

Conditions that is conducive to termite attacks.
Wood Decay Fungi (wood rot) are considered an issue because it weakens the timber structures, such as decks, handrails and roof, wall and floor frames, floor boards causing serious structural problems and possible safety hazards.

It is important to note that all properties are at risk of termite attack. Termites are the cause of the greatest economic losses of timber in service in Australia. Independent data compiled by State Forestry and the CSIRO shows 1 in every 4 homes is attacked by termites at some stage in its life. More recent data would indicate that this is now as high as 1 in every three properties. Australia’s subterranean termite species (white ants) are the most destructive timber pests in the world.

Why choose Adelaide Building & Property Inspections
Vince Luppino is a Licensed Builder and an accredited Timber Pest Inspector. Vince Luppino has undergone a rigorous qualification process and specialized timber pest accreditation. We consistently stay up to date with industry trends and legal requirements through continued professional development. We are fully insured for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity through Pacific International Insurance.
We believe our Building and Pest Inspections Adelaide are comprehensive and detailed and our prices are extremely competitive. Telephone support is provided you, and we can also arrange that you attend the inspection to fully understand any issues that the property may have.
Our expertise is based on years of experience in all areas of the building and timber pest industry.
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When should I get the building inspection?
If the property is going to Auction the Inspection should be carried out as soon as possible, this will give you time to read the report and consider all the relevant information provided in the report.
If the property is for sale by private treaty, again, it is best to have the inspection done as soon as possible.
Traditionally the inspection is carried out once your offer on the property has been accepted, during the two day cooling off period.
We will make all the necessary arrangements with your real estate agent.

When will I get the report?
Reports are available same-day via email.

Our Building Inspection Reports include the following

  • A description of the property
  • A photographic summary of all the major and minor defects
  • Recommendations for further investigation
  • A conclusion on the overall condition of the property. This compares the building with a property of a similar type and age.

Our Timber Pest Inspection Reports include the following

  • Were Active termites found?
  • Evidence of Termite activity.
  • Evidence of any previous termite treatment (this is very important).
  • Presence of wood borer damage.

How long does the building and pest inspection take?
An average building inspection should take between 1-2 hours.

Can I attend the inspection?
We encourage our clients to attend the last half hour of the inspection and then a brief walk through the property.

What if I don’t understand the report?
We can provide support and are there to help you.

What is your cancellation policy?
We require 24hrs notice prior to the inspection start time for any cancellations otherwise the full amount applies. Notification of cancellation can be made by phoning on 0412391663 or email to info@abpinspections.com.au.

When is payment due for the building inspection?
We usually require payment on completion of the building inspection but can arrange other terms if required. If we receive payment on the day of the inspection and we will reward you with an additional 5% of the cost of the inspection.

What payment methods do you accepted?
We accept credit card payments from MasterCard, Visa as well as Direct EFT payment and Cash.

Tips When Buying a Home

  1. Avoid a building that has Major Defects may lead to failure of the structure – such as cracking, dampness, roof sagging, drainage or stormwater issues.
  2. Try to avoid defects that are of significant defects these problems are usually expensive to rectify.
  3. Be aware of defects that have a significant safety hazard as these defects must be rectified before moving into the property and must be budgeted for up front.
  4. Consider defects that can be rectified with a ‘reasonable’ or ‘manageable’ financial outlay.
  5. Don’t be fooled by property styling or recent renovations. 

A Building and Pest Inspection by Adelaide Building & Property Inspections is vital to help you understand what problems a building may have before you buy it.


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