Hi Vince,
Thanks for the inspection at short notice.

Hi Vince
Thank you for all your help.

Hi Vince
Thanks for the building and pest inspection report.

Thanks Vince, much appreciated.

Thanks for sending through, It is certainly what we expected but happy to see it in writing from a professional.

Thanks very much Vince.

Hi Vince
I appreciate having you there and having the written report moving forward.

Hi Vince,
Love the format of your report, it's very easy to understand.

Hi Vince
Thank you very much for your report. I really appreciate your time today and your thoroughness.

Thank you very much Vince!

Hi Vince,
Thanks for your report.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to inspect the property. We appreciate it very much.

Hi Vince,
Thanks very much for your help over the course of the build.

Hi Vince,
Thanks again for inspection.

Hi Vince,
Thanks so much for the inspection & report.

Hi Vince,
Many thanks for this.

Thanks for your excellent report and discussions to understand the key elements identified in the report.

Hi Vince,
Thanks again for the very quick turn around on this request and the follow up chats it has been very much appreciated.

Thank you Vince, much appreciated.

Thanks you Vince, a very comprehensive report

Hi Vince:
I had my house inspected. The inspection was very great, I'm really happy about it.

Hi Vince
We have received and read the report
Many thanks
Danica and Theo

Hi Vince,
Thank you for the report, it's really good we loved the pictures, our friends recommend us your services and for sure we'll recommend you with our friends.

Hi Vince,
Thank you so much for great customer service and such a comprehensive support. I would not hesitate to recommend your services again.

Hi Vince
Thank you for doing the building inspection.

Hi Vince
Thank you for carrying out your inspections for us, we are once again very happy with the service you have provided.

Hi Vince
Thank you so much for getting this done so quickly.

Hi Vince,
Thank you for your kind cooperation in this regards, we really appreciate it.

Hi Vince, Thank you very much, very satisfied with your service and will refer others to you. Best regards, Tom
I would recommend you use Vince Luppino. He is very meticulous in providing his service and willing to discuss any issues you may have as a result of the building inspection. Regards Leo
Hi Vince Thanks for the very thorough inspection and report. Thanks again Caroline
Hi Vince, This is earlier than I expected, which is nice. Thanks. Nice weekend, Edward
Dear Vince, Thanks very much for your detailed inspection and recommendation. I really appreciate it. Regards, Toan
Hi Vince, Thank you very much for the report. No questions at this point, but we are very happy with how thorough you are. Thanks! Donna
Hi Vince, Thank you so much for your advice, really appreciated, I would recommend you to my friends when they need house inspection service. Yours Regards Hui
Hi Vince Thanks Very Much for your report, it has put our minds at ease, and the builder has fixed most of things on the defect list. Thanks again Shane
Hi Vince I have recommended you to a client of mine upon recommendation from a friend, I have heard you are very good!  Regards Serafina
Hi Vince, Thank you very much for getting the building inspections through, they are very thorough and comprehensive. Kevin
Hi Vince, Thanks for your detailed report, you did a fantastic job! Thank you so much! Kind regards, Rachel
Hi Vince, Thanks very much for the chat this morning really put things into a bit more perspective for us. Many thanks Rob
Hi Vince, Thanks for your comprehensive reports. Kind regards, Mahdi
Dear Vince, Thank you so much for your report and services. Regards Rachel
Hi Vince Much appreciated, You are very kind and professional! Thank you Sara

Hi Vince,
Thank you coming out to inspect our house.

Hi Vince,
Many thanks for your fast and good quality building and pest inspection. 

Thanks Vince, appreciate the quick response. 

Hi Vince:
My wife said the inspection was very detailed. My wife and I are really happy about what you've done. If any of my friend need inspection, I will surely recommend you to them. Thank you very much Vince.
Kind Regard

Dear Vince,
Thank you for your detailed building report. I really enjoyed reading it!!
There is a lot of useful general information which I found interesting, and note the defects found provide remedial correction actions to make good/safe.
Thank you for providing a prompt and professional inspection service on this dwelling.

Hi Vince
Thank you for acting so quickly.

Hi Vince,
Thank you for your report & your time yesterday.

Hi Vince,
Thank you for your services,

That's fantastic. Thanks heaps.

Thanks Vince it was very informative with you yesterday.

Hi Vince,
Thank you very much for your detailed inspection reports, and for walking us through the house on Friday. It has given us peace of mind knowing that we are purchasing a house that only has a few minor issues.

Hi Vince,
Many thanks for this work and being so helpful and friendly!

Hi Vince, Thanks again for fitting us in and for all your help and advice through the process.

Thanks Vince.
That is enough for us to continue with the purchase. Appreciate your prompt and professional service, and I would have no problems recommending you to our friends and family.

Hi Vince
Thanks for your detailed report. We will keep your details on file for future inspections.

Hi Vince,
Thank you so much for your prompt, informative and efficient work. We will definitely use you again. Feel confident we know what problems/expenses we are buying.

Hi Vince,
Thank you for the speedy report,

Hi Vince
I’d like to thank you so much for picking up on all the things you did :)

Hi Vince,
Thanks for getting this done The report looks good.

Dear Vince,
Thank you for your prompt report and detailed inspection!

Hi Vince thanks for your help. We bought the property at auction yesterday. Lots of work to do now! Might be in touch for more advice cheers
Gary & Jane

Hi Vince - Thank you for the reports. The building inspection report is easy to understand.

Hi Vince,
Thanks for this. We decided to go ahead with the purchase:)

Hi Vince,
Thanks so much for your prompt action in sending us this report.
Kind Regards,

Thank you, Vince. We will recommend you to others.


Dear Vince: We really thank you for your work, your clear walk through and inspection reports. Thank you very much! Best regards Tongtian
Hi Vince The report looks great and thanks for fitting us in at short notice. Cheers Wayne
Hi Vince, Many thanks for your time today and for your reports. It is much appreciated Kind regards, Laura & Robert
Hi Vince, Thanks so much for coming through at short notice today and for the thoroughly fantastic job you did. Thanks again Vince Diwei
Hi Vince, It was a pleasure meeting you last Monday at the above address. I read the brief outline of your report sent that evening and a further in-depth read again this evening. I must say a very easy to read and understanding report, complete with photo's on all area's of concerns. Suggested repairs and level of urgency also noted. Overall an investment well worth having for a property this size. We would highly recommend you personally and your services provided, to anyone thinking of having a building or property inspection before purchasing. Kind Regards Greg and Christine
Thanks Vince, we appreciate your time and efforts today. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us and get the report to us so quickly. We will absolutely recommend you to anyone else looking for a quality pre-purchase inspection. We have many friends soon to be going through the same process. Again, thank you for being so thorough and a pleasure to deal with. Kind regards, Rachael and Pas.
Thanks so much for this Vince – and for your speediness and professionalism. The report was a wonderful guide and meant we entered the auction as informed buyers – and we got it! Thanks again Fiona
Hi Vince, Thanks very much for the inspection and detailed reports. Thanks and regards, Han
Hi Vince, Thank you very much. It’s really detailed, awesome job! Good Night, Kenz
Hi Vince, Thank you for conducting the building inspection and providing me with a thorough report. Kind regards, Sara
Thanks Vince, That is a great report. Cheers Joe
Hi Vince, Thank you for the report and your very prompt service. Mark
Hi Vince I would just like to thank you for providing our pre purchase house inspection. I found the report very easy to follow and thank you for your prompt attention to getting the report to me on the same day of the inspection. It has helped us in considering the purchase of the property. Kind regards Kareena


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